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WordPress TextMate Bundle: Better late than never edition (aka: 3.3)

Jan 26, 2012 | Plugins, TextMate, WordPress | By Shawn Parker

Google tells me that this is the Japanese character meaning 'Late'FINALLY! WordPress 3.3 support is up for the TextMate Bundle. This is pretty much an update to the function definitions to add in new functions that were added in WordPress 3.3.

I’ve been out of the WordPress loop for a little while now and I’m not up to speed to what some of the new developer oriented hotness is that could be added to the bundle so if you’re looking for something in particular drop a comment here or open an issue on GitHub.

If you’re so inclined go ahead and Fork it, update what you need and submit a pull request. Since I don’t work with WordPress on a regular basis there are going to be those of you out there that have a better grasp than I on what should be added, or even what should be removed, from the Bundle.

So, my apologies for the delay with the update. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

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