1972 CB350 Rebuild Begins

Haven’t had much to write about lately. But my recent introduction to the world of motorcycling (I’ve been riding for about a year now and currently scoot on an ‘02 BMW R1150R) has given me more than just the desire to ride, but the desire to modify.

The wife recently joined me on two wheels so we got an old 1972 Honda CB350 for her to learn on. Unfortunately the “‘till it breaks” in “ride it ‘till it breaks” wasn’t very long, so we upgraded her to a more modern bike that she’ll be able to enjoy for a while to come and the CB350 is getting rebuilt.

Tear down began a few weeks ago. Here it is with all the easy bits taken off:

Next the engine came out:

And finally it was reduced to just the frame:

Next steps are degreasing and rust removal in preparation for a powder-coat in black.

The rebuild isn’t going to be a restoration. I don’t care about it being original. I want it to be a fun driver. I’m gonna upgrade the forks to something more robust, maybe from a newer CB500. Upgrade to disc brakes, and slim it down to just what it needs to be functionally legal. No, its not gonna be a cafe racer… more scrambler/brat, if that makes any sense at all.

All in all I’m greasy, I have parts all over the garage, and I have a long road ahead. This is gonna be great!

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