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Chemo: day 1

May 4, 2015 | Cancer

The view from the throne.

I peed. A lot. 7 times in 2 hours. I wasn’t able to get in to have a port installed before this so I’m doing direct IV catheters for now. I’ll see if it gets too bad. If it does I’ll get it put in. If I can deal with the catheters I’ll skip the extra surgery. If you’re nice to the nurse she’ll wrap up your IV line so that you don’t have to look at the insertion point 😉

When you don't like needles the nice nurse will wrap the IV so you can't see it ;)

It was all a little surreal. I felt pretty good the whole way through and it almost didn’t feel like it was a real treatment. I guess I shouldn’t complain about that. I’m sure I’ll wish for days like this after a few days.

My mouth is a little raw, my muscles and joints ache a bit, and I’m burping a lot (which I’ve read is an indication that I’ll probably end up with puking nausea and not diarrhea). I have a slight headache but its tough to tell what that’s from ’cause I’m grinding my teeth and am otherwise tense. I’m hoping the tension is just nerves.

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