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Chemo: day 2

May 5, 2015 | Cancer, Chemo Day | By Shawn Parker

The IV today fucking hurt. Getting the port sounds good again 😉 But I think I’ll have to average out the suck across 5 days and see what it looks like.

It was a long day today. In for about 6.5 hours since there was a back-up in getting the drugs out in a timely manner. Something about a few people calling in sick or some such deal. There were quite a few bitchy people on the floor because of it. The nurses all handled it light a champ, but some cranky-ass fuckers just had to sit there and bitch and bitch and bitch. Fortunately they were relieved by their manager who stood in and took the shit.

I was in no hurry. I napped.

I feel bad for Andy. I get a comfy chair and I know hers isn’t that comfy. She went for a walk, though. I was jealous. Before this I never thought that I’d be jealous of being able to walk down a long, boring hallway and back. I’ll have to see if I can do that tomorrow. I don’t know if they let us out in the wild with the IV pumps or not.

I’m starting to notice some mild side-effects. The anti-nausea drugs kept me up all night. Went to bed at 9:30pm but was up again by midnight. Finally went back to bed around 4:45am. I haven’t pooped since chemo started. If the trend continues tomorrow morning I’ll have to bring it up with the nurse. I need to check drug side-effects to see which one is doing it to me.

I was able to nap after chemo. I wanted to walk the dogs, but I was just so tired. I loaded up the MMJ oil, heavy in CBD, in to a vaporizer thing and gave it a shot. Whatever mild nausea I did have was taken care of pretty well. I probably over did a bit because I wanted to knock myself out. But it worked and I got some good sleep time in. I hope I can figure out how stay on some kind of regular sleep schedule.


I almost forgot present #3 from yesterday’s batch of gifts from my excellent friends at Twilio:

This is supposed to be a photo of me in a Wampa hat, but the wife deleted her Flickr account :(

It is a bit warm to wear all the time. But since it has ear flaps I can wrap it around my neck and it helps me stay cozy.

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