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Chemo: day 5 (belated)

May 11, 2015 | Cancer, Chemo Day | By Shawn Parker

Friday hit me like a two ton… heavy thing.

Caution, this could get gross.

I’m just now getting back to feeling how I felt on Thursday: nauseated, tired and creaky. I finally pooped. Between the stool softeners, the Ex-Lax and the Lactulose I finally got rid of the contents of my bowels. It wasn’t pretty, though because of all the weird shit I’d been taking to get ‘em moving it didn’t smell or feel like poop at all. Go figure.

I’ve only puked once. Thankfully. But it was a 30 minute ordeal that produced nothing but chemical-smelling, putrid, yellow bile. I unfortunately hit the bathroom floor with some of it so Andy had to clean that up. She had to hit it Comet to get the smell out.

Every joint in my body is complaining. My sinuses are dripping like faucets. There’s a headache back there waiting to pounce at any minute. I don’t sleep through the night because I’ve been laying down so much I can’t stay in any one position for very long. I’ve been sleeping so much I’m starting to get very odd dreams. The neuropathy is making my entire body tingle.

I’m hoping today is the turning point where I start to feel better (until next round, of course). I don’t smell the chemicals on my breath or in my sweat any more. I’m looking forward to getting outside and going for a walk.

Sometimes I can eat. Most times not. Even water tastes bad and unfortunately I’m probably dehydrating myself a bit. Those times that I have eaten I have unfortunately been way too eager and upset my tummy with how much I took in. I need to look at everything in half portions for a while.

The two high points I have in my day are the way that Andy is hanging in there and brushing my teeth (seriously). Andy has been wonderful. She’s taking everything in stride and not getting visibly frustrated with my ever changing whimsy. I’m not sure how I’ll repay her after this. I’m sure whatever I do it won’t be enough.

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