New Arrival: Stella

Apr 5, 2020 | Dogs | By Shawn Parker

Seeing as how we’re gonna be a lockdown for a while we considered this a good time to bring on a new addition to the family.

Meet Stella.

Stella is a 15 year old Pit Bull. She’s a total sweetheart. We were looking for older pitties, around 8+ years old. However when inquiring about another dog we liked, who was unavailable, we mentioned that we’re looking for older dogs and the gal at the agency got excited.

As it turns out they had a foster person who has unfortunately met with some mental decline and they were scrambling to find the dogs a new home. The foster was forgetting to feed the dogs and overall just not able to function any more. So upon seeing a video of Stella we agreed to take her in for however long she has left.

She’s old and slow. Can’t really get up and down the stairs by herself. But she’s a happy, gentle, sweet and loving little cuddle bunny. She just wants to hang out and go for a walk once in a while. Kinda like us.

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