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From time to time something tickles my fancy enough to make it a personal project. When they turn out well enough I like to try and give a little back. Feel free to use anything you find here, just let me know if you end up using something as I like to know if what I’m doing is being found as useful or not.


  • PHP-Cowsay

    Cowsay. For PHP.

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  • WordPress TextMate Bundle

    WordPress is a large codebase. You need help getting around.

    This is a TextMate bundle with a lot of common actions built in with convenient autocomplete values so that not only does it reduce the need to look up function calls, but their parameters and arguments as well.

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  • WP Interactive WordPress Development Plugin

    WP Interactive allows admin users to run PHP code directly via the WordPress Admin to assist with development of plugins and themes.

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  • WordPress Clippings for BBEdit

    This is a Clipping bundle for BBEdit 9+ to help make working with WordPress (hopefully) a lot easier. It includes function completion for WordPress functions, actions and filters as well as Carrington Theme Framework functions.

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  • Post Password Token Plugin for WordPress

    The Post Password Token plugin allows readers to access protected posts without having to enter a password by creating secret token urls for the post.

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  • WordPress NextPage buttons plugin

    A one trick pony plugin that adds the Next Page functionality back in to the WordPress editor toolbar.

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  • jQuery Togglr Plugin

    The jQuery Togglr Plugin is designed to eliminate some of the redundant code that we end up using a lot at work. A lot of admin areas in WordPress benefit from the ability to show and hide content. With the Togglr Plugin this can be achieved quickly and consistently and it degrades nicely if some other plugin kills your javascript.

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  • SP Source Code Highlighter WordPress Plugin

    The SP Source Code Highlighter plugin for WordPress is a free plugin that taps the power of the Pear Text_Highlighter class to provide attractive and layout flexible code blocks for your blog. It requires the ability to install Pear packages on the server, so the plugin is not for everyone.

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