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um, what the fuck?

November 29, 2004 | Life

I ran a red light this morning.

For some reason I thought it was my turn to go. Oncoming traffic had the green and the turn light and I think it was a lull in activity that got me to go – I probably thought by the lack of people turning that the light had turned and it was my turn to go.

Pretty frightening.

I’m a good driver. I’m not saying that I obey every rule of the road, or that I’m right in everything I do but I don’t get in accidents, I’ve had one ticket and one accident in my life. I’ve avoided accidents where others were not able to – I know how to handle cars and don’t doubt my abilities one bit – no matter what the weather.

What bothers me about this is that my memory is rather horrid – so I just hope my attention is going as well. I feel alert and I think it was just the habit of seeing oncoming traffic stop and normally getting a green light that led me to go. But it is still rather disturbing that it happened at all.

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  • I think it was a habit. Hind of like when someone honks behind you at a traffic light that is red and you go running the red light. Try that sometime, 4/5 ppl will usually run the red light out of mistake because they have the wired in reaction from society which is to obey the person that honked at you and move.

    Now doing it without a honk… your in a whole differently class unto yourself bud 🙂

    Justin, January 3, 2005 9:38 am | permalink

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