um, what the fuck?

I ran a red light this morning.

For some reason I thought it was my turn to go. Oncoming traffic had the green and the turn light and I think it was a lull in activity that got me to go – I probably thought by the lack of people turning that the light had turned and it was my turn to go.

Pretty frightening.

I’m a good driver. I’m not saying that I obey every rule of the road, or that I’m right in everything I do but I don’t get in accidents, I’ve had one ticket and one accident in my life. I’ve avoided accidents where others were not able to – I know how to handle cars and don’t doubt my abilities one bit – no matter what the weather.

What bothers me about this is that my memory is rather horrid – so I just hope my attention is going as well. I feel alert and I think it was just the habit of seeing oncoming traffic stop and normally getting a green light that led me to go. But it is still rather disturbing that it happened at all.

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