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The Suspense is Killing Me

Dec 2, 2004 | Life | By Shawn Parker

Long story – short, open ending.

I was approached by IT a while back about a job opening that they wanted me for. But considering the shift in focus, a required increase in knowledge of Windows systems integration (icky-poo!) and what I considered inadequate compensation for the level of responsibility that they were demanding I decided to stay in Marketing in my current role of Junior (yeah, quit laughing) Web Designer.

At this point I was way overdue for a yearly review and knew that there would be an increase of compensation accompanied by a title change to bump me up to plain old Web Designer. So I went to my boss, who had been brought into the loop on IT wanting me to move over to them, and discussed changing my title and upping compensation.

I don’t feel any guilt or aprehension in asking for this since I do much more than my job description includes and have added a level of efficiency and convenience to the department that it never enjoyed in the past. I’ve also hardly used the word no when someone asks me to do something. So I feel pretty good about my position. On top of that, my boss doesn’t even bat an eye at the figure that I considered a healthy and adequate raise in pay – I asked for an extra $7,000 a year. She said she thinks I’m worth it and is pretty sure she can get it for me.

This all transpired two and a half weeks ago, just before my boss was set to go on vacation to Fiji where she would be absolutely cut off from the office. Frankly, I don’t understand why that would be an issue – take your vacation and leave the blackberry at the office for fucks sake.

Now she’s back, and the paperwork hasn’t made it to the HR department yet and HR seems to have their own agenda for what they consider being “appropriate” raises and status changes. The conversation that I had with HR did not leave me very confident.

So now I’m left with not knowing the status of my raise, we’re refinancing the house and a larger salary would be a real bonus on the paperwork as we’re hoping to drop about 5/8 of a point and drop about $130-160 off our monthly payment. A pretty big difference since that extra cash could help get some debt down.

I want to know… I really want to know… but at least I should find out tomorrow.

I hope.

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