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Jan 12, 2005 | Life | By Shawn Parker

Got some good news at work in between the hammering of different things to do (very few of which fall within the actual job description). I talked to HR today and found out that what I’m asking for in a raise and title change is completely reasonable. In fact, what I’m asking is the entry pay level to the updated position. So, not a bad request for me to make. It would be a nice jump in pay and would change my title to “Webmaster / Web Designer” which would be a little more accurate than “Jr. Web Designer” is.

I gave them what my ideal job description is and also a list of my current duties. The current duties list covered everything from Web Design to being the A/V bitch. There were a ton of different duties listed, and I thought of a couple today that I had forgotten so I think my justification for earning more is in that list. I do so much around the department, and so much outside of my job description, that they should have no reason to complain about paying me more.

But, now that I’ve said that they’re gonna come back with a lower number than I asked for… It won’t help that nobody in marketing can put together the content needed to fill a new site and that has held up production for more than a year. But I’m hopeful. Keep your fingers crossed.

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