Holy fried brain, Batman!

Haven’t had an update in a while. Work has been grueling. Home has been busy. My brain is fried.

Work has been balls to the wall with upcoming National Sales Conference, a company rebranding, and the website having a Feb. 1 release date. I’ve found myself among aspects of NSC that I neither have time for nor want to be involved in. But that “other duties as assigned” portion of the job description really finds inappropriate times to rear its ugly head. The company is undergoing a rebranding – hopefully there is a focus on advertising and message behind it – and I’m the department zip bitch. With everyone else being on thin-client I’m the only one who can unzip files since I have a real computer (if you can call a windows box real).

On top of that there was a color issue on the pocket folder that caused the boss to lose a gasket and come close to blaming me. She simply didn’t understand some of the processes involved and was trying to grasp the concept of the pressman running hot on Magenta. It also turns out that we’ve got funky lights in the office that are turning everything magenta. Very odd – I’ve seen color shift because of light source but this was HUGE.

Now, onto my actual job. I’ve got almost all the content I need to launch. Unfortunately it is not enough to be really good – we have a lot of sections that are still in need of rewrite and others that have rewritten content but are still vague. We have a website but it doesn’t tell you anything but what product vendors we stock. We can’t even give a comprehensive list of actual products we sell due to the inability of some systems to talk to each other or even export the data needed to CSV. Yep, I can’t even get CSV files from Crystal Reports. The world MUST be coming to an end. Enterprise level software can’t deliver the basics…

Bah – I guess I needed to get that out. So, who ever gets this far in reading – thanks – and keep your eyes on Puddlemonkey. I’m getting Andy a blog going so she can get to doing more creative writing and poetry – there’s something about having an audience that makes writing easier. The design won’t be anything unique or extraordinary to begin wth, but she’ll at least have a place to publish. You can also find a bit of her handiwork here for a Haiku writing contest. I really think hers is the best. It still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Hm, what else?

Fuzzy Coconut is getting closer to having an official logo – the version that is up now is not a final but a work in progress. Hopefully that takes off. I dig working collaboratively and really dig the guys (John, Joel and Harold). I feel this could be good for all of us if we can get it rolling.

Well, I’d better go to bed, it’s 12:40 and if I listen to much more Sum41 I won’t be able to slow the brain down enough to get any sleep.

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