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Pre-Order your Tiger

Mar 28, 2005 | Computers | By Shawn Parker has Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger available for pre-order. Pre-orders are offered with a $35 discount that brings the cost down to $95. Not a bad way to lessen the yearly OS X update tax as it has come to be known.

I’m not sure if I’ll pre-order but I will be on top of 10.4 once released as a developer release of the next major update showed that a major hinderance of mine was solved: when pulling items from an NTFS volume to OSX there is a strong chance that the long filenames will be lost in favor of the shorter 8.3 filenames of the earlier DOS eras. This is not limited to transfers from NTFS to OS X – it happens from NTFS to NTFS as well so it is a larger windows error. But the fact that it gets fixed with Tiger makes bringing work files home much much much much easier…

That’s not to lessen the importance of other improvements like spotlight, improved and RSS reading in Safari, but I have to say that this is the improvement that will make my life that much easier.

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