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The Good News Is

Mar 30, 2005 | Home Improvement | By Shawn Parker

The bathroom has walls.

And the bads news? The bathroom has walls that need to be primered and painted.

I have to say I hate painting, but at least there is nothing in there that I have to worry about so a few things are taped up and then its gonna fly.

The first coat of primer took me 4 hours last night. Tonight’s coat should take significantly less time but I’ll still have to go through and hit the corners with a brush which is what takes most of the time. The rolling goes quickly.

I’m sore today from last night. Mostly due to rolling the ceiling. But I did get a pole for the roller (hey, no wise cracks about that!) so that made it MUCH easier. I don’t know why I wasn’t using the pole the whole time. It made rolling so much easier overall that thing is never gonna leave my sight.

Well, off to work. My wrist is starting to get sore just from typing this so I can see today being an uncomfortable day in front of a computer. That is, If I can stay awake all day.

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