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My first OOP

Apr 23, 2005 | Web Design & Development | By Shawn Parker

The next logical step in my education of PHP is to learn PHP5’s implementation of OOP. I started that this morning and wrote myself a short, useless script using a couple of the new features in PHP5.

I learned how to use static variables and constructors. Not bad for my first hour. :: cue child’s voice :: I made this:

Class myCounter {
    static $counter = 0;
    public $id;

    // constructor runs at function open
    function __construct() {
        $this->id = self::$counter;

Class myObj extends MyCounter 
    function showMyId() {
        return $this->id . "n";

$one = new myObj();
$two = new myObj();

echo $one->showMyId();  // prints: 1
echo $two->showMyId();  // prints: 2

Pretty much all it does is inherit and increment the myCounter Class each time the myObj class is instantiated, but still its pretty cool. I haven’t even done anything constructive with OOP and I’m already excited about it.

Now onto Polymorphism.

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