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Giving Photoshop Two Fingers

Apr 25, 2005 | Computers | By Shawn Parker

Yet another reason to love two fingered scrolling on the new Aluminum PowerBooks. I just found this last night by accident. If you already knew, well, then, WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!? It turns out that photoshop will allow you to scroll the levels (and other sliders that are accompanied by manual imput boxes) with two fingered scrolling.

Screenshot of the PhotoShop Levels dialog

The proceedure is pretty easy. Open an image and then open the Levels dialog box. Click into one of the input boxes above the histogram. Now, mouse over to the image and scroll up and down – the levels slider that you selected will then proceed to move left or right with your up and down movement.

I tried this around and it seems to be tied to scrollers that also have manual input dialog boxes to duplicate input like those found in the Color Balance settings, the Threshold and many other dialog boxes in Photoshop. I tried this with the system fonts panel to try and bump up font size in TextEdit but that did not work. I have yet to try this elsewhere.

One of my peeves of using a laptop has been very tedious input control to these slider elements because of the awkwardness of using a trackpad. I almost squealed with glee when this happened on accident.

So hopefully this has been a benefit to you, it certainly was one of my neatest finds of using this new PowerBook. Now to find where else I can use this and to try it with a scroll wheel mouse – I imagine the same concept will hold true but I can’t test that right now. More later if someone doesn’t post a comment on it first.

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