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Holy crap!

Jun 6, 2005 | Computers | By Shawn Parker

So they did it. Apple’s goin’ Intel.

Not much to say at this point ‘till we see the new system specs and what the overall hardware compatability is.

During the keynote they spotlighted that Mathmatica was ported in just 2 hours. This is a very very good sign that the trasition will be relatively easy for any developer.

I’m curious to wether the Mac can now take advantage of other hardware that is specific to Intel… like, can I go get an off the shelf TNT nVidia 6800 dirt cheap?

Only time will tell and I still have some crow to eat.

But I will say that the thought of a Dual 3.6 Mac has me a little frisky. Not to mention the centrino and other mobile units… mmmm.

And, no, I’m not jumping on the bandwagon. I’m as surprised as anyone else. But I also see the benefit in using an architecture that is moving forward. Apple’s not stupid. We all know that the Pentium line can’t go forever how its been going so there had to be something else, some promise of expansion, that pushed them over the edge. Not just IBM not being able to push the G5.

And maybe its the Pentium D with the built in DRM. We know Apple’s been on Hollywood like flies on turds so that would only make sense that this is part of a deal to get inroads on a movie service of some kind.

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