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Do you tip for take-out food?

June 9, 2005 | Life

I’ve got a nagging feeling that my position on tipping at restaurants when you pick up food for take-out is a social faux pas. I don’t do it. I just don’t see what I should be tipping for.

Typically when going to pick up carry out all you’re doing is being handed a plastic bag with your food and a bill. I pay for most things by debit card and there is always that little nagging tip line on the receipt and in some places there is a tip jar next to where they ring you up.

I feel odd when handing back the receipt with no tip on it but by the time I get out the door I feel better – probably because I’m not face to face with someone who typically augments a base pay with the day’s tips. I figure that I’m getting the base level of service – the advertised food and a container to put it in. That’s worth the price on the menu or I wouldn’t have ordered. But I haven’t been served, nobody has brought me a refill or asked if I need katsup. So I logically thing that there shouldn’t be a tip.

And this is but a stepping stone to a more stingy view on tipping. I’m starting to question the validity of the tip jar at the coffee shop or the deli. Do I really need to tip for the making of my food? I thought that was part of the base price.

Maybe I’m just getting stingier in my old(er) age, maybe I’m just coming to my senses and am able to buck a growing trend. I think that its just human nature to see a tip line and fill it in. I bet if they put on in at the supermarket checkout line people would fill it in.

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  • No. hells no. If I have to get my own food, I give no tip.

    They have tip cups at Dunkin Donuts, and I seldom pitch in. Just like I wouldn’t tip at McDonalds or 7-11 or Circle-K, I’m not tipping when I get take out.

    John Pennypacker, June 9, 2005 2:11 pm | permalink

  • Ditto. I don’t tip when I’m serving myself.

    But, I’m a bastard, so hey.

    Antonio, June 9, 2005 5:27 pm | permalink

  • I always tip a buck or two even for takeout, but not for fast food like McDonald’s. I also tip the pizza guy even though they charge me a delivery fee. I may be an ass but I always tip.

    CrabbyCakes, June 9, 2005 8:39 pm | permalink

  • The only people I will tip are waiters/waitresses in the Restaurant when I’m served, if they actually make an effort to be friendly and aren’t jackasses, and the pizza delivery guy/gal. Anyone else, screw them ;P .

    Joey B., June 9, 2005 9:31 pm | permalink

  • I only tip hot girls who are willing to be nice to a nerd/geek. 😉

    tom, June 9, 2005 9:54 pm | permalink

  • Hey Crabby,

    just so you know, some of those companies which charge delivery fees don’t hand any of it over to the driver.

    Antonio, June 9, 2005 11:18 pm | permalink

  • I know, which I why I tip.

    I even tip the dude at Starbuck’s who recognizes me and knows my order (usually, as I change it up occasionally). I wouldn’t want to work there and put up with people like me.

    CrabbyCakes, June 9, 2005 11:25 pm | permalink

  • Crabby – that’s a good point. If I encounter someone who remembers me and goes to extra effort to make the visit nice – then I’ll tip. The guy / gal who only talks to you to take your order, no tip.

    The pizza guy always gets a tip too.

    Shawn, June 10, 2005 8:32 am | permalink

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