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Sep 1, 2006 | Life | By Shawn Parker

I’m guessing I must have had some spare positive karma lying around because I just had an influx of free stuff that still has me just wondering what I did to deserve it.


A friend of mine gave me his old Canon ZR70mc Digital Video Camcorder. The only thing missing, and I’m thinking that based on what the manual says it was not included in the original packaging, is the DV cable to import the video via firewire.


We’ve been wanting a video camera for quite some time but have been hesitant due to the cost. Now we’ve got one. I’m floored by this. I guess the only catch was that the CCD was blown out but since it was a manufacturer defect it is currently being fixed for free by Canon.

Look for puppy movies as soon as I get it back.


The same friend gave me an old Olympus Camedia C-2020 Z, 2.1 megapixel camera. Again, wow. Yeah, I have a 4MP Nikon and my EOS 20D, but this one can be subjected to torture that I wouldn’t put a purchased product through.

Right now the two projects I have in mind are car mounting the camera or swapping its guts into an old Rolleiflex.

If anyone has any info on getting one of these to directly communicate via USB I’d appreciate the info. Right now I think I’m gonna have to get a SmartMedia card reader, or something like that. The card is very thin and not like any other cards I have.


Next I have an unfortunate incident at work where I notice that my test server’s CPU fan has quit and I need to scavange a new one from the “recycle” pile in the back. While I’m back there I notice that there’s an old HP Laserjet 2100 on in the pile and that it has a 2nd paper tray. I ask the IT manager if I can have it and he giggles at me and then realizes I’m serious.

So my printer just got a paper capacity upgrade. Can’t argue with that. Somebody got to the ram before I did, so it was just the paper tray for me. But you won’t hear me complain.

What does it all mean?

Am I blessed? Should I play the lottery? Probably not.

But I will gladly take other people’s hand me downs. Color me happy.

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