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Ok, NOW I'm pissed at the OS X Finder

Sep 7, 2006 | Computers | By Shawn Parker

As of late I’ve defended the basic operation of the finder as being adequate and have promoted the use of Spotlight wherever possible to get things done.

However, sometimes you just can’t get around having to work in the finder when creating and managing files from other people. Tonight I hit what I consider a major glitch.

Here it is: I create a text file. I name it test.txt and save it to the desktop. Now, assume I have to follow somebody else’s arcane naming scheme and I change the .txt to ._form

I get info on that file. What file extension does it have? .txt


So, now I go looking for a way to combat this and notice that there is a setting in the Finder Preferences to “Show all file extensions”. Turning that on causes the Finder to then ask if I really want to change the extension of the file that I explicitly changed the file extension on.

Funny – I thought I already turned that on. Did it get turned off by a system update? I wonder. Either way this caused a 5 minute project to become a 1 hour project.

Maybe I’m just stupid but this little escapade just zapped all of the energy I had left to work with tonight and I still have work to do.

Here’s hoping that setting stays on for at least a little while.

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