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This site and IE 7

Oct 20, 2006 | Web Design & Development | By Shawn Parker

Since I now have an actual PC in the house I am able to take a look at this site with IE 7 and not have to endure Virtual PC’s glacial speeds. As of the official release of IE 7 to the masses this site only has three bugs (that I’ve found in casual browsing).

One is that an IE 7 user will be prompted to activate Windows Media ActiveX controls and, if Quicktime is loaded, to active Quicktime controls. This is one bug and is caused by the Javascript used to augment statistics tracking by AWstats.

Another bug is the Puppycam preview in the sidebar. It won’t register a click on the actual image, but will on the border.

The last is on the archives page the floated page category isn’t lining up right. I’ll have to look into it.

They’re minor… maybe not even worth paying attention to right off the bat, but there they are.

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