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Broken 4G iPod? Maybe not…

Nov 8, 2006 | Computers | By Shawn Parker

It came up in conversation lately that a coworker of mine had a broken iPod. Being the tinkerer that I am I asked if it was broken and he didn’t plan on getting it fixed if I could have it. He brought it in today and I inadvertently fixed it.

Oops, fixed it

I cracked open the case because in my troubleshooting I found that sometimes the error I was getting (folder icon with exclamation point) could be solved by taking out the battery and plugging it into a computer to reformat it. Something about the battery state can cause the problem.

About the time I was removing a piece of tape inside the case I noticed that it had turned on. Curious, I turned it over and noticed that it had fully booted. The only thing I can figure that I did was partially reseat the hard drive cable.


So, since the iPod actually belonged to the guy’s son and he couldn’t replace it for a while since they just bought the son a new laptop I gave it back. If they had already bought a new one I might not have said anything and gone ahead with my 4G iPod Mac Classic Jukebox™ idea. But I guess that’s gonna have to wait.

So, if you have or know someone with a problematic 4G iPod you should crack that sucker open (instructions are all over the internet) and reset that hard drive cable on the motherboard. You just might save a ton of money.

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