MySQL bug with GROUP BY

Found a nice little bug in the stable version of MySQL5 in the MacPorts repository yesterday.

Version is 5.051a and when using GROUP BY it ignored ORDER BY DESC and returned results in ascending order.

Its been a known bug since MARCH.

The MySQL5-devel port is working fine in the mean time, but holy shit. I have to wonder a few things.

  1. how did it take me this long to find the bug (to my credit, I have no idea when macports pushed 5.0.51x).
  2. why in the world hasn’t it been fixed or patched yet?


Now that I think a bit harder on the issue I might have noticed it earlier and chalked it up to being a n00b when I wrote other queries. When I upgraded this site I had to rewrite some queries that had mulitple joins and group by statements… I wonder if that was the same bug?

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