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WordPress Lipsum Plugin

Jun 20, 2008 | Web Design & Development | By Shawn Parker

Update 2009-02-22: This plugin has been upgraded to version 2. Read about it by clicking here.

Tired of copying/pasting Lipsum placeholder text?

Me too.

Behold Gippy’s Lipsum Plugin. Bask in its laziness. With a simple {lipsum} in your post, page or comment you can embed 3 paragraphs of Lipsum text. It works on the creation or edit of those items.

Want a more specific number of paragraphs? Ok, you can do {lipsum:1} to get just on paragraph, or {lipsum:5}, all the way up to 10. I stopped at 10 ‘cause its a reasonably long enough post or page to fill.

Tested with WordPress 2.0+ though there’s nothing special about it and it should work with 1.5 as well (in fact, I think it does, but you shouldn’t be running anything that old anyway). The text could be streamlined a bit while sensing the current activity and I’ll do that once I’m more familiar with WordPress, but in getting started this will do.

So, now, go forth and pay attention to better things and let the placeholder text take care of itself.

Update 2009-02-21: Plugin is working fine with the latest release of 2.7.1, so I don’t see any reason to fret about compatibility.


Click here to view the plugin source.

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