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Now that's a lot of frogs!

Aug 30, 2010 | Photography | By Shawn Parker

Artist Melody Sealman and a group of cohorts arranged thousands of plaster frogs on the 16th Street Mall this morning. The majority of the effort was spent on an arrangement outside the bus station at 16th and Market. The effort was mirrored in other cities as well. Sealman and her crew worked 8 months to prepare for this day.

Unfortunately a good deal of the frogs along other areas of the 16th Street Mall were swept up by maintenance crews.

Obviously by the two photos I chose to display, the feature she put together around the “king” centerpiece was my favorite. All the little frogs were gathered around, as if waiting for his command to pounce.

Each little frog was hand made by Sealman and her friends. The frogs closest to the “king” were all wrapped in silver leaf. And to boot she encouraged viewers to pick one out and take it home. The only one she wouldn’t let anyone touch was the “king”. And for good reason. That little bugger is cool!

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