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Brett Michaels at the Taste of Colorado

Sep 5, 2010 | Photography | By Shawn Parker

So, as the Taste of Colorado comes to town I once again get my shot at some free concert photography. This years its Brett Michaels of Poison fame. I admit, I listened to that as a kid. I think their first album came out when I was in middle school. A guy in my class thought by the cover of the album that they were all girls… Though, you can’t fault him too much for that one. There was more make-up on the cover of that album than on Dee Schneider.

I fully expected this show to be a train wreck but it was actually quite good. He impressed me by saying “let’s bring the boys home” during the inevitable dedication of “Something to Believe In” to our troops overseas. But, then, he’s also wearing a shirt with a picture of himself on it, so there’s that to weigh in too 😉

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