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2010 National Radial Engine Exhibition

Sep 12, 2010 | Photography | By Shawn Parker

The 2010 NREE happened this past weekend on Sept. 11. The skies were absolutely perfect for an air show. All blue, no clouds, and with enough of a breeze to keep you from burning up (but not enough to deter the sunburn. D’oh!).

The Exhibition was the first time I had actually seen wing walking and have to say that I was quite impressed. It looks like great fun. I wanna try it (just don’t tell my wife that). I was hoping for a more diverse air exhibition than we got but I can’t complain about what we did get for the $5 entrance fee. Gary Rower, Don Nelson & Kyle & Amanda Franklin (pictured above) put on great shows. The F-16 Demo team also put on a performance. Its always fun to hear a fighter jet at full afterburner. There was also a WWII reenactment that I think was more fun for those involved than for the spectators. I know they have limited resources but it was kinda hokey.

Shooting in blasts like this pushed the ol’ 20D to its limits. Between the random searching while tracking a plane and the seemingly increasing time it took to write the files as the number of files got larger were enough to make me consider “breaking it”… but I didn’t.

This one might have to become an annual event for me.

More photos in the Flickr set.

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