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Art at Stanford

Jan 24, 2013 | Life, Photography | By Shawn Parker

The wife and I decided to take a trip down to Stanford last weekend to check out the Rodin Garden at the Cantor Arts Center on the Stanford campus.

Now, I know that I went to a small school. My graduating class was measured in the hundreds. But, holy shit, the Stanford campus is huge and beautiful. Granted we saw most of it while trundling to and from the Cantor Center, but that was enough to show off how great a campus it is. And to have such a large, and free, museum on campus to boot just makes me feel like I need to outright take my parents to task for not having the ability to send me to a much better school than the rug-rat fest that I attended.

😉 Kidding. Mom, Dad: love you.

So, while we went to primarily check out the Rodin garden something else stole the show for both of us. Well, besides the campus, that is. And that was the sculpture/installation by Richard Serra named Sequence. The installation was designed to walk through. With wonderfully textured and rust-colored ~10’ high walls it quickly engulfs you and lets you hide away in a small world that only consists of the gray floor, the red walls, and the blue sky. It was quite wonderful. Mr. Serra, if you’re reading this, I’d like one for my back yard. Can I get one about one fifth the size of that? Great! Thank you!

I love you too, Stanford…

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