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So long, Alex King

Sep 28, 2015 | Cancer, Life | By Shawn Parker

We lost a good one yesterday. My friend Alex King passed away after a long fight against cancer.

My life is better off today for having joined Alex at Crowd Favorite back in 2008. He was always the perfectionist, sometimes slave driver. He demanded a level of quality that only doing things the right way could accomplish. But it was nice to know that when the job had his seal of approval that it was good.

On top of that he was a nice guy. He’s the kind of guy that you measure yourself against, hoping that you find some way in which you favorably compare. Not to bring him down, but rather in an attempt to elevate yourself.

We shared interest in a lot of things. Among them were photography and general nerdery. But we also shared one unfortunate thing in common. Cancer. His was much worse than mine and he fought hard. And again I had a positive example set by Alex.

My life is better in so many ways for having known him. I’m very grateful for it.

Our hearts go out to Heather and Caitlin as they deal with his departure.

Thanks, Alex.

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