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Goodbye, my dopey dog.

Oct 1, 2015 | Dogs, Life | By Shawn Parker

Last night our dopey little boy passed away. It happened very quickly.

I arrived home around 7:30pm to find him immobile. He tried to stand but couldn’t.

I took him to the veterinary hospital where by 12:30 he had already deteriorated in to labored breathing. The diagnosis was a lump on his spleen, probably cancerous, that was bleeding internally and that had either grown in to or bled in to his spinal chord, thus causing the problems with standing and coordination.

We elected to put him to sleep as anything we did to prolong his life would just be pain and confusion to him. He was gone by 1:30am.

The horrible part about this is that my wife is currently in the hospital after having surgery on her knee. She had to endure this from afar and without actually getting to say goodbye to Dozer in his final hours. She’s lucky that she didn’t get to see him at the end, but I know how hard it is not to be able to say goodbye and be there.

We’ll always remember Dozer as our dopey boy. Happy, goofy, and always energetic. He was often times annoying when he just wouldn’t sit down or couldn’t decide where he wanted to be. But he was always a happy dog.

He was sad when we left for work in the morning. Often times shunning us, refusing kisses or attention because he didn’t want us to go. And at the end of the day he’d shower us with love and kisses when we got home.

In the last few years he had really bonded with my wife. He was her little shadow. He and his brother always wanted to be with her. I’d often times find myself alone in the house while she would have the company of the dogs.

Not to say that he didn’t like me… I got my fair share of cuddle time.

He loved to play… oh, boy, did he love to play. Wether playing tug of war or just hiding under the covers on the bed he never needed much convincing that it was play time. You had to watch your hands, though. He’d work his way up that toy and bite ya! Dopey, dopey dog.

I wish he could forever be a puppy. We picked him and his brother up at a very young age. My wife and I have known no other pets in our life together. These are our dogs and losing Dozer hurts.

I wish we had just a little more time to spoil him on his way out. We always talked about pampering him with all the foods he wasn’t allowed to have in his final days. Let him go out in style. But we didn’t get that chance. I wish my wife didn’t have to say goodbye through me. She deserves to say goodbye to him, not just the thought of him.

We’re gonna miss you, buddy. ❤️

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