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Voting my conscience

Oct 18, 2004 | Life | By Shawn Parker

Like a lot of other people I know I will not be voting for Bush in the coming election. But I also cannot in good conscience vote for Kerry. This leaves somewhat of a dilemma since none of the 3rd party candidates are worth casting a vote for either.

So after much deliberation and with the prodding by the wife I think there is but one thing to do. Vote for Kerry. There is no candidate worth my vote. But there is a cause worth my vote.

Bush must be removed from office. So with that being said I hereby proclaim my intention to vote for John Kerry.

I still can’t believe I’m gonna do this. But I’ll be gaining piece of mind that the person I voted for is not:

  • In bed with big business. His quick action to secure the Bin Laden family and his ties to Enron are too much for me to believe that his nose is clean
  • The speed with which the oil was secured in Iraq and the ignorance taken in planning for the total war in Iraq cannot be ignored either. It is hard to say what he was trying to do – secure oil, or maybe secure his place in the history books – but whatever it was it is his ego is costing the United States money and lives.
  • He claims his tax breaks helped the American people when what we truly got was a token check – something handed to us so that he could say that he gave something back. Now that he’s mismanaged a war and sent jobs overseas through tax incentives he’s driven the deficit into a new high.
  • The conviction with which he lets his religious beliefs drive his decisions is embarrassing. I’m not saying the president can’t be religious. I’m saying that the religion cannot dictate all of his actions. We live in a county of mixed ethnicities and religious beliefs yet our government feels comfortable dictating our lives by their warped sense of christianity.

I hate to say it, but the best plan America has right now does not involve putting the right man in office – it entails getting the wrong man out.

I just hope Kerry is better.

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