Racing Photos

It happened about 3 weeks ago now but I should probably post the pics anyway. I my father started racing a 1967 Porsche 912 and he had a race up here in Denver at the Second Creek Raceway – one of the last groups to get to run on that raceway before closing down.

I won’t babble too much, I’ll just tell ya about the pics. The first one here is my dad’s car. The 2nd and 3rd aren’t anybody I know but they ended up as cool pics.

The shots are bit soft. I couldn’t track these guys manually and my old camera just couldn’t push the autofocus on my lens fast enough to get hard focus. Couple that with putting a doubler on an 80-200 to get a little extra reach and the pics end up being a bit soft. S’okay though – not bad for not having shot seriously in quite some time.

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