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Night of the Bassists

Jan 19, 2011 | Concerts, Photography | By Shawn Parker

Some nights certain things just pop out to me. Last Saturday night it was the bassists of Wovenhand and Git Some. My favorite pics of the night were of them.

At first the thought of a hard rocking band like Git Some pairing with the more mellow sound of Wovenhand was that they made an odd pairing for a tour but they both really worked out well. Both bands had plenty of musical energy and were pretty fun to watch. Best of all they sounded great.

Despite being small and relatively dark I enjoyed shooting at the Marquis. Well, aside from who I think was Wovenhand’s tour photographer who kept stepping right in front of me, knowing full well I was right there, and half the time bumping me as well. He was a jerk.

The night was also a great chance to put the new 28mm f/1.8 through its paces. Though neither of these pics was taken with the new lens I’m super happy to have it as it proved invaluable in the low light and tight quarters of the Marquis. While 28mm is no longer wide on a crop sensor it is a great length (~45mm full frame equivalent) to have at a concert.

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