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The Genitorturers at the Summit Music Hall

Mar 11, 2011 | Concerts, Photography | By Shawn Parker

This has probably got to be the most fun concert that I’ve covered to date. Violent, bloody, demented and, well, fun!

The Summit Music Hall is, on average, dark, but when their stage lights are actually on well there’s a decent amount of light at ISO 6400. Not the greatest, but decent. I took a chance and left the flash in the bag even though I was able to use it in there. I much prefer the “natural” stage lighting at shows. Flash is like a bright white splatter of goo in the center of the frame in situations like these and I didn’t want that. I had to shoot a lot, but it paid off with some nice results.

The strategy was to find a composition and shoot enough frames during the varied lighting (lighting that was almost flashing) to try and land some shots during the bright spots in the display. It worked. I threw out a lot of duds and lost a few when the camera would hunt for focus, but overall the number of keepers is good.

On top of getting the lighting right I was blessed with a very expressive couple of acts in both The Genitorturers and Hanzel & Gretyl. Its a lot of fun to shoot when the stage is active and enjoying themselves (even if enjoying themselves entailed looking tough and acting agressive). I’d shoot either one of these two again in a heartbeat.

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