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With co-workers like these…

April 20, 2015 | Cancer, Life

I have some very talented co-workers.

First up: a get well soon card hand-crafted by Danielle. Laser cut and signed by a lot of good folks at work. The rest of you are dead to me! Just kidding 😉

"Get Well Soon"

Next: Twilio had a Painting Night at Wednesday Night Dinner last week. Look there, in the upper right. See that thing with a halo and wings?

Twilio Painting Night

Lets take a closer look at what Nora left me. And artists rendition of good ol’ lefty headed to testicle heaven.

Twilio Painting Night: detail

I don’t think I could have asked for anything better than these two gestures… They’re both just simply fantastic.

Honestly, though, I’m really smitten that all of my co-workers are thinking about my testicles.

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