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Tuna Dogs

Apr 21, 2005 | Dogs | By Shawn Parker

Our dogs like tuna. How’s that for a cheap augmentation to their meals. They tend not to like plain dry kibble anymore so we’ve started mixing their morning meals with something to get them to eat.

We also buy some wet food to mix in with their morning kibble but nothing seems to go over quite like tuna. Salmon doesn’t do too bad to get them excited either. The dogs just like fish.

I can’t really argue either – we can get a 12 pack of Tuna at Costco for ~$6.00 so we end up paying ~$.50 a can. Significantly cheaper than dog food and just as good for them.

And then it takes a turn for the worse

I’ve been wondering just what they’ve taken a big interest in over on the flagstone at the front of the house this morning. I couldn’t see it when I first went out – it was too dark, but now I’ve fished something out of Dozer’s mouth that Bear just about tackled me to get. The best I can tell is that it is a frozen wad of dog puke. At least, that’s the best I can tell by the smell of it.

So, while they have good taste in liking tuna, raw vegitables and meat, they’ll also lick up frozen vomit and consider it a delicacy.

Crazy mutts.

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