Operation "Shave the Wookiee" is under way.

On Friday, March 11 I will shave my head as part of the St. Baldrick’s foundation annual fundraising event. 2 years and 14″ worth of hair are gonna come off. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation volunteers raise money to help support child cancer research and to give long term support to survivors.

So, quit reading this and head over to my donation page on the St. Baldrick’s Foundation site and donate.


I’ve known you for a little while and just want to confirm: this is to shave the hair on your head, right?

Are they going to shave your back hair as well?
No. I’m trying to raise money, not scare anyone.

Aren’t you afraid of what you’ll find under there?
Well, the small family of mice are gonna have to find a new home, but this isn’t my first time in the rodeo and I know approximately what to expect.

I’d like to come and mock you during the shaving. When and where do I show up?
The event is at Fadó’s Irish Pub in dowtown Denver at 5:15pm. If you can’t make it there should video taken.

Really? Your wife wakes up to that every day?
Yes. Why do you ask?

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